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If you own a motorcycle, you've thought about it. Even if you don't, you've imagined yourself doing it. I'm talking about The Trip.

    Coast-to-Coast. East to west, west to east, it doesn't matter. It's the one you must take. If you don't, I guaran-goddamn-tee you it will top the regret list that rolls through your head as you breathe your last. 


That's what made this trip a no-brainer for me. Something about hitting your fifties and being a cancer survivor creates a sense of urgency to do as many things as possible. It lays bare the absurdity of murdering your life in a nine-to-five job. In a matter of minutes, going coast to coast and back went from an entertaining daydream to a res judicata -- a thing decided. The course was set.


But a funny thing happened. I knew unintended consequences and unforseen events would affect the trip. But a life-transforming situation? That kind of thing only happens in the movies. Or does it? Click Here to Read Day One. 

Or Here to read tips on getting ready for your trip. 


Two Wheels,

No Limits

My Coast to Coast Motorcycle trip

And tips on planning your own


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